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CIM Building: : C/Real, 3. 30201 Cartagena

The congress venue is located in the building formerly known as the Cuartel de Instrucción de Marinería, which was a training center for Spanish navy officers. The building is over two hundred years old. It is austere and powerful and its stone walls tower over an impressive courtyard that resembles an enclosed, highly mineral square. Built in 1776 between the harbour and the arsenal, the old prison played several roles. Situated in Calle Real, in the Old Town, today is the headquarters of the School of Architecture and Building (ETSAE) and the Faculty of Economic and Business Science of the Technical University of Cartagena.

The old building was built under the direction of the architect Mateo Vodopich nearby the Arsenal between 1776 and 1785 maintaining for most of its existence the function of a military prison under the name of the Prisoners' and Slaves' Barracks. This was because the slaves who worked on the dams of Feringán resided there.
It was therefore included in the Arsenal enclosure, surrounded by a perimeter wall. It later served as a prison until the middle of the 20th century. Thousands of people passed through its cells simultaneously, reaching overcrowding scenarios as early as 1786 with almost 2530 inmates.

In 1946, after the civil war, it was decided to change its function to that of training men recruited for the Spanish Navy until 1999, when it fell into disuse.
The military training school building (CIM) was ceded by the Ministry of Defence to the Technical University of Cartagena in 2004. The rehabilitation architectural project is being carried out by architects José Manuel Chacón Bulnes and Ignacio Abad Cayuela.The start of the school year in September 2009 was the first time that university students replaced navy officers in the large rectangular courtyard. The conversion of the military training school into a university building involved two radically opposed types of project: the renovation of a historic building and the creation of a new building to house the offices and other workspaces for which the existing building lacked space. The rehabilitation for university use has received the Building Prize awarded by CARM (Community of Region de Murcia) and the COAMU (Official Professional Association of Architects of Murcia) and the international Prize "Trophee Archizinc".