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Congress excursions



Within the programme of the XIX International Congress of Architectural Graphic Expression, the afternoon of Friday, June 3rd is free of activities.

The Congress organisers have prepared for that afternoon, between 17:30 and 20:30, two guided tours to unique buildings of architectural interest located in Cartagena.

Visit nº 1: Museum of the Roman Forum Molinete (work by Andrés Cánovas, Atxu Amann and Nicolás Maruri) + Museum of the Roman Theatre (work by Rafael Moneo).

Price of the visit: 10 euros per person.

Visit nº 2: National Museum of Underwater Archaeology ARQVA (work of Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra) + El Batel Auditorium and Conference Centre (work of José Selgas and Lucía Cano).

Cost of the visit: 3.5 euros per person.

The programmed visits, which are voluntary, have a cost to cover the cost of the tickets, and will be carried out simultaneously, so that it is only possible to register for one of them.

Those interested in taking part in any of the visits must fill in the registration form by clicking on the following link:


BEFORE 25 MAY 2022

The fee for the visit must be paid at the Technical Secretariat of the Congress, at the time of collecting the accreditation.

In the case of visit no. 2, due to ARQVA requirements, the capacity is limited to 29 people, so the list of participants will be drawn up in order of registration, establishing a waiting list in case any of the places become vacant.

In case of filling in the form more than once, the last answer will be taken into account.